MG Committees

Get involved! Join one of these committees to meet new friends, or just come and participate in many of the events we have plan for this year!

Committee Description Timeline
Annual Mother/Daughter Adventure Mothers and daughters participate in a fun, adventurous get-away for a day or overnight.  The adventure should be something that mothers and daughters would like to participate in together and is attractive to the majority of mothers and daughters at XCP.  This committee plans the event. Planning starts in January. Activity takes place sometime in the spring.
Baccalaureate Reception Mothers’ Guild hosts a reception after the Senior Baccalaureate Mass, which takes place in May.  Reception takes place immediately after mass in the St. Francis Church courtyard and lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  The committee plans the reception and acquires the refreshments. Planning starts in Mid Spring. Event in early May
Book Club An appropriate book is chosen every month and discussed at a monthly social gathering. This is a moms-only activity.  This committee chooses the book, plans the meeting at a public place and leads the discussion. On-going on a monthly basis
Box Office This committee works the week of, and the nights/days of the XCP Fall and Spring plays in the Jackson Box Office in the Performing Arts Center selling tickets for the performances. Fall play – October for 3 to 4 nights/days. Spring play – March for 3 to 4 nights/days
8th Grade Informational Parties Series of social gatherings hosted in the homes of current XCP families in different parts of the Valley for 8th graders and their parents to learn more about XCP. Events are attended by XCP Admissions and the committee works under their direction.  Socials begin in September, run through October.  Socials all happen before 8th Grade Day in late October
Frosh Movie Night Plan and organize a movie in Founders Hall for Baby Gators and their families. Planning starts in June. Event in early August
Gators Angels Group of XCP moms who help families within the Xavier community when they are in need of assistance during a difficult time.  For example, preparing meals, providing transportation, etc. Chairs organize using Sign-up Genius. Ongoing throughout the year
Hiking Club Monthly hikes on local trails (easy to moderate) followed by an optional social at a nearby café. Ongoing throughout the year
Hispanic Outreach Encourage Spanish-only speaking moms to attend Mothers’ Guild meetings and other events in order to create a feeling of inclusion in their daughters’ educational experience. Ongoing throughout the year
Hospitality (Cookies) Assists with hospitality (cookies/treats) for four events throughout the year: Back to School nights in Aug. (evenings), Open House in Oct./Nov. (Sunday), Frosh Registration in March (Saturday), Maintenance Luncheon in May (weekday lunch time).  August, October, March, May
Hospitality (Decor) Assists with decorating the tables in Post for the monthly Mothers’ Guild meetings. Monthly – 8X
Monthly Socials Hours Monthly evening social events for moms to make new friends and have fun!  Committee chooses locale and advertises events. Monthly
New Family Welcome Committee This committee welcomes new families to the Xavier community by making phone calls and sending emails at the beginning of the school year. Calls are made at the beginning of the school year
Prayer Chain Group of XCP moms/families who receive an email from a member of the XCP community asking them to pray (on their own) for a specific cause or intention. Ongoing throughout the year
Project Graduation Plans and coordinates, along with BCP parents and Xavier Dads’ Club, a big XCP/BCP all-night party (that is designed to be safe for all) for graduating seniors in late May.  Planning begins in January and event takes place in May
Senior Mother/Daughter
Mass and Breakfast
Plans and leads (with Sister Joanie) a spiritual morning consisting of a mass and breakfast, specifically for seniors and their moms, sometime after the New Year. Consists of reflective activities and an inspirational speaker. Late January or February on a Saturday
Senior Treats Provides treats to seniors at least four times during their final year at Xavier. Treats are usually food, candy, goodies – e.g., socks, tiaras, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Ongoing throughout the year
Spring Mother/Daughter Activity An event for mothers and daughters that takes place in the spring. Something attractive to a majority of the moms at XCP. Late Spring after the Fashion Show
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Organizes the teacher appreciation lunch that takes place in December, on a Friday, right after school—it is a Christmas party for the staff and is for approximately 160 people. Also plans for an end of school appreciation event (e.g., ice cream) Planning starts in October; Lunch in early December; May
Technology & Website Updates and manages the Mothers’ Guild website. Ongoing throughout the year
Zoo Lights Organizes a private event at the Phoenix Zoo for Xavier families, faculty and administration.  450-750 have historically attended the event in the past few years. Fall

If you want to learn more about a particular committee, read the detailed committee descriptions or contact the committee chair.