MG Executive Board Members

President, Lana Holmes ’85 (Katie, 2019)

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Xavier Mothers’ Guild Executive Board for the 2017-2018 year!  I hold Xavier near and dear to my heart as I graduated from this special school in 1985.  My daughter Katie is a sophomore this year and had a wonderful freshman experience; my husband Brad and I can’t imagine her attending any other high school! I’m volunteering at Xavier because I want to help make a difference by being involved in all of the large and small events, programs, and activities that are put on by the Mothers’ Guild.  I enjoy being a part of all of these because I think it’s important for the students to see parents supporting Xavier and helping to make their high school experience a positive one.  Finally, I truly respect the administration, teachers and staff and I want to lend a hand in any way I can to further their mission of educating fantastic young women.” ~ Lana

“I am so happy for my Mom that she will be on the Xavier Mother’s Guild Executive Board! I am very proud of everything that she has done so far, and I look forward to seeing her doing what she does best- which is being a leader! I can’t wait to spend more time with my Mom at school next year! I love you Mom!” ~ Katie

President-Elect, Julie Peterson (Jillian, 2019)

“I am so pleased to be involved in the Xavier community with such a great group of women.  I know this opportunity will be impactful for not only me but for Jillian as well!   My son, Jeffrey, had an amazing experience at Brophy and now Jillian is having an amazing experience at Xavier.  My family is lucky they both will have exceptional high school experiences that will shape who they are.”  ~Julie

“I’m happy that my mom is serving on the Mothers Guild Board.  My mom loves to volunteer and she has shown me how important it is to give back.  It will be fun seeing her at school more.”        ~ Jillian

Vice President, Julie Alpert (Sarah, 2019 & Kate, 2021)

“I love being involved in the Xavier community and having the opportunity to work on the Xavier Mothers’ Guild with some exceptionally talented women who want to make Xavier even better than it was the previous year!  With a Brophy senior, a Xavier sophomore and an eighth grade daughter who will be at Xavier next year, I’m thrilled to volunteer to give back to the place that will be such an important and formative part of their lives!” ~ Julie 

“I’m so glad my mom’s volunteering on the Mothers’ Guild because she’s helping people other than her kids.  I know it makes her happy doing it and she’s a happier mom when she volunteers!” ~ Sarah

“I think it’s really great that my mom volunteers at Xavier and is on the Mothers’ Guild! I know she works hard to make our school better so that all the girls have a great experience at Xavier.   Sometimes I tell her she should get paid for what she does, but I know she volunteers because she loves it!”  ~ Kate

Parliamentarian, Heather Haak (Grace, 2020)

“Volunteering with the Xavier Mothers’ Guild and being on the Executive Board is just plain fun!  I’ve met some wonderful women who all share the common goal of creating the best Xavier experience for our daughters. We get to help the school, make some great friendships and have a lot of good times along the way!” – Heather

“When I started Xavier, my parents told me that the more I put into my experience, the more I will get out of it.  I think the same is true for them!  I appreciate my mom being involved as all the Mothers’ Guild events make our school a better place for everyone.” – Grace

Secretary, Amy Bonner (Marybeth, 2019)

“I feel so lucky to be a part of the Xavier Mothers’ Guild Board. I enjoy working with each of the women and helping at the fun activities and events that happen throughout the year.  There is a special community at Xavier and I’m happy to be able to experience it with Marybeth. ” ~ Amy

“I like how my mom is involved in the Mothers’ Guild. It shows that she cares about my high school experience at Xavier and wants to work to make it more fun for everyone.” ~ Marybeth

TracyTreasurer, Tracy Ryan (Rebecca, 2018)

“I am volunteering for Mothers’ Guild because I like to be involved at my daughter’s school. I like to know what is going on and want to make our school community a strong one.” ~ Tracy

“I like to know that my Mom is on campus often. I think it is cool that my Mom knows about things before I do and that she helps to plan events for the school. My Mom has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to give to the Mothers’ Guild.” ~ Rebecca

Assistant Treasurer, Merryman Putman (Addie, 2019)

“I enjoy being on the Mothers’ Guild board because it allows me to participate in the Xavier community, get to know moms I might not otherwise meet, and hopefully to help make the Guild activities a success.” ~ Merryman

“I am so excited for my Mom that she is serving on the Mother’s Guild Executive Board! I am so proud of all the hard work she has done and I can’t wait to see her take on yet another Treasurer job!”  ~ Addison

Gator Gear Chair, Bradford Brohard (Sophie, 2020)

“I am so excited to be part of the Xavier Mother’s Guild Board this year.  I’m having a great time working in the Gator Gear Exchange.  I love seeing the girls (and my sophomore daughter) and being part of the Xavier community.  I especially love meeting and chatting with all the other wonderful Xavier moms” ~Bradford 

“I am happy that my mom is a part of the Mother’s Guild at Xavier.  It is fun to see her on campus and I’m glad that she is part of my school.” ~Sophie 

Volunteer Coordinator, Shawna Warner (Kate, 2019)

“I am very grateful to play a part on the Xavier Mother’s Guild board. I’ve always been involved with my children’s schools in one form or another and this is a positive and impactful way to give back to our community. It’s great to see the girls around campus and to better understand the workings of such an amazing high school. ~ Shawna”

“I love that my Mom takes time to volunteer on the board. To me it shows she cares about where I’m going to school and what is involved with making Xavier great. ~ Kate”