MG Executive Board Members


President, Nicole Strephans Karren ‘89 (Kaitlyn, 2018)

 “I love being a part of Mothers’ Guild! I want to be a part of Kaitlyn’s high school years and this is a great way to do it. By volunteering, I am able to give back to the Xavier Community and to help create a positive, fun high school experience for all of the girls.” ~ Nicole

“I am happy that my mom is in Mothers’ Guild because I get to see her around campus often. I think her being in Mothers’ Guild helps to make us closer. I am so grateful for everything she does for me! Thank you Mom! I love you!” ~ Kaitlyn 


President-Elect, Lana Holmes ’85 (Katie, 2019)

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Xavier Mothers’ Guild Executive Board for the 2016-2017 year!  I hold Xavier near and dear to my heart as I graduated from this special school in 1985.  My daughter Katie is a sophomore this year and had a wonderful freshman experience; my husband Brad and I can’t imagine her attending any other high school! I’m volunteering at Xavier because I want to help make a difference by being involved in all of the large and small events, programs, and activities that are put on by the Mothers’ Guild.  I enjoy being a part of all of these because I think it’s important for the students to see parents supporting Xavier and helping to make their high school experience a positive one.  Finally, I truly respect the administration, teachers and staff and I want to lend a hand in any way I can to further their mission of educating fantastic young women.” ~ Lana

“I am so happy for my Mom that she will be on the Xavier Mother’s Guild Executive Board! I am very proud of everything that she has done so far, and I look forward to seeing her doing what she does best- which is being a leader! I can’t wait to spend more time with my Mom at school next year! I love you Mom!” ~ Katie


Vice President, Teri Schumacher (Courtney, 2018)

“Mother’s Guild opens the door for me to get involved with my daughter’s experience in High School.  It also allows me to meet new people in the Xavier community and have a feel of the direction of the school.  I have always been involved in my children’s school and they have said they like the fact they see me around on campus.  I really enjoy being an integral part of Xavier and let’s be honest, I have a hard time saying no!” ~ Teri

“My mom being on Mothers’ Guild this year is very important to me. We both have crazy schedules whether it be my homework and school activities or her job but knowing that she is at school regularly is comforting. It gives me the opportunity for my mom to experience Xavier by knowing the faculty and staff as well as giving us more time to bond and see each other. I can’t wait to see my mom in the hallways and for her to bring me food for lunch when she has her meetings! Love you Mom!” ~ Courtney


Parliamentarian, Keeley Smith (Riley, 2018)

“I joined Xavier Mothers’ Guild so that I could meet other moms and could use my time and talents to make a positive contribution to Xavier’s community. It’s fun to serve along with other moms working toward a common goal and it’s fun to be on campus.  Also, I wanted to show my daughter that it is important and valuable to serve the communities of which we are a part.” ~ Keeley

“I am glad that my mom serves on Mothers’ Guild because I get to see her on campus for the Mothers’ Guild meetings.  My favorite is being able to do all of the fun mother-daughter activities with my mom.  I love that my mom is on the Mothers’ Guild Board.” ~ Riley


Secretary, Julie Alpert (Sarah, 2019)

“I love being involved in the Xavier community and having the opportunity to work on the Xavier Mothers’ Guild with some exceptionally talented women who want to make Xavier even better than it was the previous year!  With a Brophy senior, a Xavier sophomore and an eighth grade daughter who will be at Xavier next year, I’m thrilled to volunteer to give back to the place that will be such an important and formative part of their lives!” ~ Julie 

“I’m so glad my mom’s volunteering on the Mothers’ Guild because she’s helping people other than her kids.  I know it makes her happy doing it and she’s a happier mom when she volunteers!” ~ Sarah

LupeTreasurer, Lupe Camargo (Olivia, 2018)

“Being part of Mothers’ Guild has been a blessing in many ways.  I can be connected to Olivia’s high school world, and feel as though I am part of a larger community of mothers.  Meeting wonderful people at XCP is making these years even more special.”  ~ Lupe

“Knowing my mom is involved at XCP shows me she cares about this part of my life.  I like seeing her on campus, and am happy that she has met new friends.” ~ Olivia

Tracy Assistant Treasurer, Tracy Ryan (Rebecca, 2018)

“I am volunteering for Mothers’ Guild because I like to be involved at my daughter’s school. I like to know what is going on and want to make our school community a strong one.” ~ Tracy

“I like to know that my Mom is on campus often. I think it is cool that my Mom knows about things before I do and that she helps to plan events for the school. My Mom has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to give to the Mothers’ Guild.” ~ Rebecca

Mickey Volunteer Coordinator, Mickey Robinson (Alexa, 2016 and Brittany, 2017)

“I love being a part of the Mothers’ Guild! I think every day how blessed my girls are to be a part of an amazing community and how I’ve been with them every step of the way. I hope my actions in the Mothers’ Guild will inspire my daughters to be leaders.” ~ Mickey 

“I like having my mom involved in Mothers’ Guild because it makes me feel very special knowing she cares so much about my school and how hard she works for it. I also love having her frequently on campus so I can see her during school.” ~ Brittany